Some art and lies.

Time for some art and some lies.

The idea for this mini-project goes back a ways and was influenced by several ideas and people. I first got the idea from a conversation with a coworker. Can’t remember the specifics but she came up with the idea of “The Playful Dead” as a band, and she told me to make a fake album cover for it. And so I did!

That got the ball rolling. I’ve been making fake album covers the past few months to post here, and I’m pretty happy with them. BUT. During a conversation with Evil Kevin from Robot, Monster & Ghost (more on him and his team of devious designers later. Short version: AWESOME). Again I can’t remember exactly how it went down, but we were discussing the design on one album and somehow the conversation turned to giving the band a real fake background. And thus the result: Fake Album Reviews.



Circle Birds

I first heard this local band play in some crap hole of a bar nearby the Luxor on the Vegas Strip. Or maybe it was a rundown BBQ place. Or maybe it was a lousy bar with decent BBQ. Do those exist? Maybe. It was late, I was tired, and I don’t get out much. But the point is I wasn’t enjoying the night out, but I was enjoying the music. So I got to the bar, called the bartender over and said “Look man, come down here.” The bartender said “So what you want?” To which I replied “We did a pretty good impression of George Thorogood!”

He gave me the same confused, “is this guy crazy look” that you’d probably be giving me if you weren’t reading a computer screen. I moved on and asked him what cd he was playing. He had no clue who they were, but pointed to a smoky corner where a five kids were wailing away. Live music and I never knew! As I said I was tired.

Back then the Circle Birds were still a band of four lanky guys on instruments they bought used in high school and kept repaired with copious amounts of duct tape and love. I’ll be damned if there has ever been or ever will be a band that cares less about the attention from the audience or more about the music they play. And the music is good.

They are a band without ego. The drummer knows to keep time, the guitarist doesn’t try to outplay the bassist and the singer holds back and lets go in all the right places. They sing of good times and bad times and times that remind you of memories you’d rather forget, but maybe give you the warm fuzzies all the same. This is the cd you want with you when you first fall in love or are getting over a breakup. The lyrics are all inside jokes that you wish you were a part of. If you are going on a road trip and can only bring one album, bring the Circle Bird’s debut.

Not entirely sure what genre to peg them with. I saw a Last.FM tag for “blues rock” so that will work for now. I’m not sure if “blues rock” uses much accordion or violin. And I’m not sure what genre can use a tambourine to make me cry.


3 thoughts on “Some art and lies.

  1. Joan says:

    Fake Album Reviews. I love it. But I have one question (which I could look up myself, but I want to know what you think):

    Is it

    “I want bourbon, I want scotch, I want beer.”

    – OR –

    “One bourbon, one scotch, one beer.”

    ’cause, either fits, you know.

    Up next: The Fake AMAs, and Fake Grammys. Will you do fake Kanye West rants? :)

    • It’s “one bourbon…”. But I think at one point he says “I want one bourbon…”.

      And next will be MORE FAKE ALBUM REVIEWS! I have a bunch already made (album covers, not reviews).

  2. Therese says:

    I love the album cover and the review. Where can I buy it?

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