Waiting for A Clockwork Orange

Waiting is kind of a terrible thing. Take this, for instance. I mean this website. I started this months ago but the neglect actually goes back a whole year.  At least. My idea was to make the first post a hilarious short film. A coming of age story  about how difficult it is to move away from your childhood home. The hilarious part would have been when I pulled out of the driveway in my car, heavy with cardboard boxes, make the traditional wistful goodbyes, only to pull into the driveway across the street.

Because I was renting a house across the street! With my sister! About as small a step out of the nest as one might imagine.

It didn’t work out. Just like the house down the street didn’t work out. Just like the house across town didn’t work out before that. And the latest plan, to rent a house anywhere with my sister didn’t pan out either. Making plans only to wait hasn’t worked out for me so well, and my living conditions are only a recent example. That brings us to A Clockwork Orange.

Growing up I loved the Clockwork Orange soundtrack. After all it’s pretty much just classical music. And what young lad doesn’t love classical music? It wasn’t until around the fifth or sixth grade that I realized that a “soundtrack” meant it came from a movie. For reasons I can’t today fully understand I gathered from the cover that this was some sort of Robin Hood-esque story. And what young lad doesn’t love Robin Hood! Hmm. That sounded creepy.

When I told my dad I wanted to watch A Clockwork Orange he refused. For reasons I can’t today fully understand, I took his refusal as an example of extreme injustice, shackling my freedom to choose what films I wanted to view. It was an affront to my individual will and further proof that I would never be truly free until I grew up and escaped that oppressive domicile. I vowed, VOWED right then and there that the first night I was on my own, in my own home, able to make my own decisions, I would watch A Clockwork Orange.

And now to bring us full circle:

Now, I haven’t seen it yet, of course. It’s still in plastic wrapping and everything. But buying it is a step towards fulfilling a fifteen year vow. Come January I will move into an apartment on my own and I will, that first night, watch A Clockwork Orange. Even if I have to use boxes as a chair and hook up a Blu-Ray player to a computer monitor that’s sitting on the floor. This I vow.

Oh man, I hope it’s not going to take fifteen years to finish college, get my health taken care of and find a full time job.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for A Clockwork Orange

  1. Joan says:

    I DID have insomnia, but chose the magazine route instead, as we discussed last time I had insomnia(what…two days ago???). I’m sure on some level I was bothered by the fact that you hadn’t started your blog yet, and my breath was bated.

    At any rate, now you’ve started, and I’ve read it, and I bet…I just BET, I sleep soundly tonight. :)

    Also your goal is a fine one. I’ve never seen it either. Did you know the book was written by Anthony Burgess? And that Burgess is my maiden name? Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

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